White Label Business Opportunities For Marketing Agencies — Become A Chatbot Reseller

8 min readMar 26, 2021

Originally published at https://wotnot.io on March 26, 2021.

Valued at $17.17 billion in 2020 and projected to reach a whopping $102.29 billion by 2026 (registering the CAGR of 34.75%), the growth of the chatbot market has been nothing short of phenomenal. With the new normal kicking in, chatbot adoption has increased dramatically. The chatbot market has exposed the shortcomings of having a completely informational or completely offline sales model.

From startups to small and mid-market companies, everyone is adopting the usage of chatbots in their sales, marketing, and customer service processes.

All this just to prove that selling a chatbot is a stupendously fantastic business opportunity. But just like any other tech-driven (ITES driven) business, this business also requires an initial investment in terms of your spending on recruiting engineers and giving them time to design and develop an amazing chatbot. But who would be willing to spend so much time and money on actually creating a chatbot when you can white label it as easy as adding a brown cover to a notebook.

Here are a few reasons why a marketing agency or, for that matter, any SaaS software company targeting marketers should immediately Whitelabel a chatbot and start selling it.

Why should Marketing agencies consider white labeling chatbot?

Marketing agencies try all sorts of marketing tactics. Creating information everywhere, building brand knowledge, providing information in the form that a client’s customer can understand, and much more. Especially performance marketing agencies would kill for rolling information at new places and improving opportunities of increasing leads or sales.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if, instead of all of this, we could engage the visitor, try and understand their goals, and then probably sell them products?

That is conversational marketing, a more suitable route for handling invariable customer queries, issues, suggestions, objections & a sophisticated yet humanitarian approach of talking to the customer and building a rapport with them.

Unlike informational marketing, where you simply provide information about a product, conversational marketing uses less formal, more personalized ways of promoting your product to your customers. And intelligent AI chatbots can be a dynamic and interesting way for your clients to offer support in a conversational tone.

Apart from this, chatbots can help your marketing agency in-

Capturing leads for your clients

Performance marketing or any other regular marketing agency is generally measured based on the leads they generate. Now, what could be the best way of generating a lead for your client? Talk to your client’s customers and smoothly ask them for their phone number/email id.

Getting customers to fill mundane forms is pretty old school; moreover, there would always be those sequential doubts. Why did the customer not move through pages? Why did he/she not spend enough time on the page etc….?

LiftCertain — a persona-based site visitor company, points out a general misconception. 98% of our prospects who leave us end up buying from a rival. That is incorrect. Some of them might be, but a large portion does not. In fact, they do nothing after leaving your page. Which logically either means they do not need the solution at all or have given up on the idea of purchasing it now.

How can we warm them up? While they are on the page, how fun would it be if they could talk to a salesperson. A salesman employed by the marketing agency to bring in details of this new visitor.

Introduce your client to the power of AI-based marketing

Sounds heavy, right? Generally, whenever we tell our clients that we will help you bring AI to the way you are marketing, there is a trust gap. But this time, you can be assured of introducing your clients to AI’s power and encourage them to get more customers.

Chatbots are the most effortless marketing AI tool, tremendously easy to deploy, and very low on execution costs.

Now the question is, how does this AI work for YOU? Well, the first thing you do is white label an AI-based chatbot like WotNot. WotNot can answer simple queries, but it would do this after learning what the customer needs. So generally, AI in chatbots runs on three main parameters, intent, utterances, and contexts.

Another example

I would like to know the price of the flight from New York to New Delhi.

Here, price = intent.

Now when you can aggregate the prospect’s intent, wouldn’t it be able to run a drip campaign targeting this person for purchasing the product from you or a remarketing campaign? AI chatbot can identify such patterns, learn from them, and show messages that would be useful to your client’s prospect. You can know more about this by talking to us!

Offer a personalized experience to the customers of your client

Considering that you are marketing in the real estate or eCommerce category. Wouldn’t you want to tell your clients that our agency’s differentiating point is that we can provide a customized experience to your customers? Think about white labeling a chatbot like WotNot, which helps you provide a supremely personalized experience to your client’s customers. Let me explain this with an example:

  1. A person who was searching for a shirt on your website on his last visit; visits again. Now you have in stock the items you feel he might need (based on either a conversation with him or by looking at his filters). Wouldn’t you want to tell him, look bro, whatever you were searching for last time is now available, ready for purchase?And wouldn’t this improve your KPIs too?

Improve your branding and referral traffic to your own site

Nothing is better than having your client become your evangelist. Wait, there is something even better, having your client’s website be your evangelist. Your client’s competitors or people aspiring to be as good as your client would visit his/her website, and there! Bam! Your chatbot is showing “Powered by <your brand name>.”

Most of this intent-based traffic will hunt the agency down that’s helping this client grow and hence would land directly on your page. Make sure they are captured, and there will be growth in your own traffic, and you will end up receiving new leads and new customers.

The easiest way to solve customer queries for your clients

I am sure your client also has a customer service team or support team that solves customer queries. With the millennial generation becoming a more powerful buyer, considering adding a chatbot for your client and helping their brand be the BEST customer service brand wouldn’t be too bad an idea!

The millennial generation isn’t interested in waiting for their turn to get queries answered. They want the answers to their questions, and they want them now. That’s precisely where a chatbot can help. Your chatbot can be deployed on your client’s website, solving his/her customer queries, and you can charge them a premium because now you are not only helping them increase their revenue but also helping them reduce their cost.

Capability to customize the bot to match your client’s design language

We all know that when we are handling all inbound marketing for a client, generally, we also end up owning the design and look and feel of their website. Before adding any new element to this existing setup, we typically think about whether it would disturb the current harmony on the page? But a white label chatbot would allow you to redesign it in such a manner that it fits rightly on your client’s website.

No cost new revenue model

Most agencies are looking for revenue models which are low risk and yet have high benefit. What better way than white labeling a chatbot? Out of all the software in the marketing domain, a chatbot is the least expensive software to white label. Compare it with a CRM or an email or social media management tool; it will come at 1/5th of the cost and yet add value higher than most of them.

SEO benefit

The amount of time your visitor spends on your website will directly impact your page’s SEO. So your motive should be to engage your site visitor so that he/she spends the maximum time on your website. A chatbot can do that by interacting with your visitors and providing them with a pleasant website experience. It can answer their basic queries, provide them with crucial information, and ultimately generate leads through interaction.

Why Choose Wotnot White Label For Chatbot Software?

At Wotnot, we take end-to-end responsibility for all technical tasks- from concept design to chatbots’ development with your own branding. We let your clients manage their own communication channels, including Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and more, with the branded and personalized chatbot system.

In addition to this, we also take care of the entire technical support process for the platform and help you with a comprehensive consultation to acquire new clients and projects. Among some of the other USP’s of our white label chat bot software include-

No-code bot builder

With WotNot’s no-code bot builder, you can create stunningly interactive chatbots without any coding knowledge. Whether your real estate customer demands a live chatbot or your eCommerce client demands an eCommerce chatbot, you do not need to learn to code, pick the graphical display and build a flowchart of your chat, and you are done.

Easy to create & deploy

It is the easiest chatbot to be deployed. 2 lines in your client’s website’s header section, either via your client’s GTM or direct, and that’s it, you are rolling.

Supreme level integrations

WotNot can integrate with every single software which has an API. CRMs, email campaigns, social media campaigns, just anything can be run based on information gathered by WotNot. It also integrates with Airtable to help you personalize your client’s messaging to their customers.

Built by experts

The team at WotNot has designed 3000+ bots already and is helping 1000s of clients. Whatever you ask, they will be able to help you in terms of any tech support. Also, they are available for you 24*7.

Regular product updates

Unlike other software, WotNot gives its Whitelabel clients regular product updates and helps them grow alongside.

To Wrap

A total of is projected to be invested into chatbots in 2021. They are by far one of the best white label reseller opportunities in today’s market. With the customer base moving increasingly online, customers want to log on to your website or send you an instant message to share their queries. This can help immensely, especially when you are scaling your company.

As a digital marketing agency, you can use a white label chatbot to leverage this opportunity and offer a unique product to your clients. These chatbots can easily lead to increased sales through a company’s website as it provides unrivaled convenience for customers.

WotNot is a powerful way to create and deploy your chatbot for your business website, application, or instant messaging platforms. Designed with professional expertise, WotNot’s bot builder platform can significantly contribute to customer satisfaction and improve your company’s bottom line.




Save time, money & increase the ROI on your marketing. Let WotNot add real business value through the power of conversational AI- irrespective of your industry.